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Exponential Relationships - The 12 Mistakes (Course 1)

Love is the greatest thing ever, and your love life deserves the best!   Relationships don't have to be so difficult.   Enjoy more love with less struggle by learning to avoid 12 big relationship mistakes that are getting in the way   Beginning 1 February, in easy daily lessons, you'll learn exactly what couples do that leads to so much struggle, even when they are trying their best to be good lovers.   When you recognize and avoid these mistakes, your relationship get better day by day.   Here's what you'll learn:   Mistake #1 puts a wall between you and stops you from getting your wants and needs met Mistake #2 sends couples into a confusing, downward spiral Mistake #3 leads to frustration and doubt Mistake #4 makes life in a relationship less fun than it should be Mistake #5 puts too much pressure on you and leads to conflict Mistake #6 leads to poor communication Mistake #7 gets in the way of intimacy Mistake #8 prevents couples from getting better over time Mistake #9 puts couples into an tiring loop of frustration Mistake #10 drains you and sabotages your relationship Mistake #11 adds more difficulty and heartache to conversations Mistake #12 means you get less good and more bad and more!   You don't need a partner, and you can watch and review as many times as you want.   Register now, and we'll also include access to the Exponential Relationships Community where you can interact with others like you!    Your love is our mission.   See you inside!   Stacy and Jason    

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