Meet the Team!

Happy Life Results was founded in 2019 by five core members of the McPherson Family. Their vision is to reverse the trends that tell us happiness, success, health and relationships deteriorate over time. If you're ready to take your life to exponential new heights with the Happy Life Results Team then get started today! 

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Stacy McPherson

Stacy is a power-house of positivity, infectious enthusiasm, and unconditional love. To know her is to never be the same. Stacy is a networking superstar and seasoned international presenter. The face of the business, Stacy is always looking to share and connect with those around here. Learn more at

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Jay McPherson

Jay is the technical mastermind and core problem solver of the team. He manages the logistics of the business as well as monitors communication channels. Our sound engineer, Jay provides music for all stages of production, from finished audio tracks to playful serenades our team is never without his talents.

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Bethelle McPherson

Resident technical arts director and design expert, Bethelle oversees the day to day operations and keeps the company running smoothly. While others may be good at their roles, the business would fall apart without Bethelle.

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Sam McPherson

The writer extraordinaire of the group, from video scripts to coaching books Sam lends his expressive and playful personality to ensure an enjoyable reading experience for everyone. Sam brings excitement wherever he goes. 

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Jason McPherson

Jason runs the invisible side of the business to ensure the rest of the team can focus on bringing you the best content possible. With support like Jason, the only place to go is UP!